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Putting All Needs Aside || Brittana

It had been a couple of weeks since Brittany’s mother showed up at the Lopez home¬†unannounced,¬†looking for redemption from her daughter for the fact that she hadn’t spoken up when her husband had disowned Brittany, and things at the Lopez house seemed to have calmed down. Though Santana was still wary about having Brittany’s mother in Florida, and around their child, she put on a brave face for her fiance. Really, she did a lot for the blonde, things she probably wouldn’t have done before but did for the well-being of both Brittany and their unborn child. One of the things she did for Brittany’s well-being was to put aside her own needs and that included, unfortunately, some of the more primal needs.

All too often, Santana seemed to wake up from sleeping beside Brittany with her appendage having already been up for quite awhile, straining uncomfortably against her boxers as she snuggled up behind Brittany and today was no exception. Since Brittany’s stomach was really starting to swell, Santana had been taking the spot as “big spoon” so when she woke up and could feel her cock starting to ache, Santana swallowed the lump in her throat and hoped that Brittany hadn’t felt her arousal. With her lips pursed, Santana slowly moved herself out of bed, after kissing Brittany’s cheek, and headed to the bathroom, cracking the door behind her. She knew that Brittany wasn’t exactly always up for an early-morning wake-up call, so she knew that the one way to keep herself from being blue-balled was to take care of it herself.

Though she didn’t look at the clock, she knew that Brittany would be getting up soon because the baby was starting to press down onto her bladder, so she knew that she needed to hurry. She always felt guilty whenever she took care of her own needs but she also knew that she wouldn’t want Brittany to get her going, only to pull back and tell her she wasn’t in the mood, so she took a deep breath and started the shower water. After stripping out of her clothes, her cock springing free from it’s material confines, she stepped into the shower and as the water started to drip down her body, she closed her eyes and wrapped a hand around her shaft. Images of her and Brittany’s first time from all those months ago flooded her mind as she started to stroke her length, licking her lips as her thumb ghosted over the head of her cock. Her strokes slowly started to get faster in pace and a moan spilled over her lips as the water continued to pour onto her back.

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